So What Does It Cost?

At Quality Care ironing we know how confusing pricing structures of Ironing companies can be. You may have previously used a company that had one of these.

So what do we do and how are we different?

We offer two pricing structures so you can compare with other companies but with our lowest price guarantee we will do all the complicated maths and you can be confident that you will pay the lowest price.


Price by kg

Mixed Ironing £5.45 (per kg)
+ £0.25 a shirt

Price by item


£1.25 each item
Children 0 – 12 years £0.85 each item

Babies and Children clothes up to the age of 8 years of age are usually folded unless instructed otherwise.

Pillow case £0.40 each

Valance / Sheets £2.00 each

Duvet cover – single £2.25 each

Duvet cover – double £2.75 each

Duvet cover – King size £3.25 each

Duvet cover – super king size £3.75